Smart chatbots for customer support

Impeccable —Āompany's reputation is something extremely difficult to earn. The corporate image largely depends on the way customers speak of the company and how the company treats its customers.

A once disgruntled client is unlikely to show much loyalty to the company in the future.  In fact, 91% of dissatisfied customers won't return for another purchase or service and end up going to a competitor. In many cases, a customer is unsatisfied because they didn't receive any timely support. For this reason, companies should take every opportunity to deliver great and timely customer experience.

For example, a shopper doesn't want to go to a store without knowing ahead if it has some particular item in stock. The shopper doesn't need any sophisticated information, the only thing is needed is real-time information which sometimes is not as easy to get.

Adding to this example the fact that people, especially millennials, would prefer immediate responses via chat rather than calling a company (some of them even dread the idea of a phone conversation), we can come up with the idea that support via live chat is the most preferred channel.

If you are still not sure about it, then think of how many people would prefer to book a taxi by phone over booking Uber through an app?

Again, quite often communication with the staff over the phone or in person is overestimated by many businesses. How often does it happen on a live chat that you are asked to leave your email address so that they could get back to you later instead of being given an instant response to your question? Probably more often than it should be. It’s annoying and frustrating.

The truth is that today customers value convenience, fast responses and when possible, they generally prefer to avoid other humans for service.

There are three main ways for a company to choose if they want to offer their clients online chat customer support — human operated service, chatbot or hybrid.

While human operated live chat requires a lot of resources, the second option requires only a chatbot. Customer service chatbots offer a way to reduce cost and customer loss which occurs due to the absence of timely support.

Chatbots don’t need to eat or sleep, they don't call in sick or go on a vacation. Chatbots immediately tackle issues no matter if it’s 4 am or 9 pm. This is especially vital for international businesses with customers all over the world. Chatbots handle high volumes of requests and they don’t need time to search for answers as human agents do making customers wait for them.
As customers ask chatbots questions, they generally don’t expect to have deep human-like conversations. They only need the information as fast as possible without unnecessary hassle.

A hybrid live chat customer service involves both humans and chatbots to provide customer support. Routine questions can be delegated to chatbots, while more complex tasks can be handled by a human agent. This approach generally provides the best experience for the user.

Leveraging chatbots reduces costs and facilitates 24/7 customer service. When implemented well, chatbots can deliver better customer experience for the clients and many advantages to businesses like in case with a smart chatbot Alex.

December 19, 2018

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