Intellexer API Service

REST service Endpoint

Intellexer API provides REST API endpoints for main Intellexer semantics products.

Base URL for all API Calls:

Get Started with Intellexer API

If you want to test Intellexer API and visualize response results without writing any lines of code, you can try our API Console. The API Console enables you to interact with the Intellexer API and debug API calls within seconds. You must be signed in to use this tool.

  • Create an account and grab your free API key from user dashboard or invitation email
  • Analyze the Intellexer API documentation and choose the appropriate method for the interested text analysis solution
  • Execute a GET/POST HTTP request in the form:[GET/POST method]?apikey={YourAPIKey}&options={options}
    and parse response results

Intellexer API Key

To use Intellexer API, you need a private API key. If you do not have an API key, please register to obtain a free key for non-commercial use. You need to add your API key as a required parameter for every request sent to our server.

Service Description



Request Examples


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Response Example

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