Improve your business with the intelligent API

How to get more intelligence in the process of software development for the same money? We paid a close heed to our customers. As a result, we created our new platform for natural language processing and data mining - Intellexer API. In fact, this is a set of linguistic tools for data mining from textual data. This means in practice that any developer can use our developments in data mining by integrating them into any software solution with the help of API.

That's all. No more long briefings and researches, not one extra hour of development. All it is required is to take the ready sample code and start using our API.

In practice, of course, everything is a bit harder than in word. Our support team constantly advise and train new users in the new features of our system. In fact, it is a two-way process. We also learn a lot from our customers. That is why our API Platform will develop dynamically and grow with new products and solutions. If you face a non-standard challenge, we offer to start with our support team consultation.

January 29, 2016

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API Usage Examples

These examples show basic Intellexer API usage variants
  • Sentiment Analyzer
  • Named Entity Recognizer
  • Summarizer
  • Multi-Document Summarizer
  • Comparator
  • Clusterizer
  • Natural Language Interface
  • Preformator
  • Language Recognizer
  • SpellChecker

Intellexer Summarizer

Application based on Intellexer API that performs:

  • Document summarization
  • Concept mining
  • Entity extraction
  • Summary rearrangement according to the selected items

Summarizer Network Edition

Note: After installation use your private API key to register the software. Number of requests per month and maximum size of the documents depend on your API key permissions.