AI Chatbot that keeps you up-to-date on COVID-19


Intellexer team is happy to present an AI powered chatbot named “DIVOC”!

Our chatbot is set to help you stay current on COVID matters and is available for free here 

You may chat with DIVOC in a natural language about COVID-19 and your health issues. 

Why DIVOC is so smart?

Firstly, it has a proprietary linguistic platform Intellexer built-in to analyze entered data.

Secondly, there are no predefined queries - it focuses on the matter of your question, and gives the answer you really need. You can also get tips on reducing the coronavirus spread and self-protection.

Test Your Symptoms

The main task of chatbot is to be the first point of contact before any human involvement is needed. So, you may pass a quick test on current symptoms and get instant feedback. DIVOC will let you know if any medical assistance is needed and give you more information on complications risks you may face.

Clinical protocols and best practices lay the foundation of DIVOC’s answers. Importantly, the chatbot does not collect any personal data, so all the information you provide is strictly confidential.

Assess COVID risks 

There is also a great option to check risk assessments in the USA. Just select any state you are interested in and DIVOC will share the latest information, such as:

  • total COVID-19 cases;

  • daily growth;

  • cases per 100,000 people;

  • case fatality rate.

All the information is based on the official USA websites.

Are you considering the development of your own Chatbot?


Great news! Our team can easily customize DIVOC to any of your needs:

  • remote consultations for patients who have to stay at home

  • automatic appointment scheduling with physicians

  • dynamic monitoring of the disease clinical history

Chatbot benefits are:

  • simplified communication with users of the medical information system 

  • saved time and financial resources for medical personnel

  • convenient for users and improved patient satisfaction

  • fast respond to FAQ-type queries (contact details, directions, opening hours and service details)

  • 24/7 availability

Feel free to reach out for Intellexer team to get additional information. Stay healthy!

February 1, 2021

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