Top 5 Mobile Apps for Students


With the humankind being firmly in the digital age, it is not surprising that different devices have turned into part and parcel of our everyday life. All these gadgets are much more powerful than first PCs used to be and each of them is able to connect to the Internet. The devices are used everywhere and by everyone, and apps installed on them carry out different functions: they can be a source of entertainment, apps can serve as a notebook, an audio or video recorder, a task manager, and more.

Mobile apps are extensively made use of by different groups of people, and they are very popular among students since apps can make their life easier.

We have chosen 5 best apps that can help students to overcome study problems and eliminate the need of pulling all-nighters to get ready for important tests or exams.

  1. SoundNote

    This app is a must for students during lecture hours. It enables its users not only to take notes, but also draw sketches. You will never miss a single word of a lecture – the app acts as an audio recorder and you can listen to a lecture later if you need. Besides, you can share your notes, drawings or audio notes with your friends via email, or transfer them directly to your PC.

  2. Todoist

    “Deadline” is a word every student is scared of. This app represents a powerful task manager using which you will not miss another deadline. You can add, complete and even re-schedule tasks from different devices and even when you are offline. You will be able to keep track on your projects and share tasks with other students. The app has a notification system sending reminders and notifications to a user. It also enables its users to track their progress and visualize it with beautiful graphs.

  3. Conceptmeister

    Students have to deal with huge amounts of information and many of them experience information overload and do not have enough time to read all texts that they need. This app gives its users a helping hand by analyzing different texts very quickly. It helps its users to grasp main ideas of any document. Take a photo of a text you need to analyze, load a webpage URL or a document from the Google Disk, Dropbox or One Drive and this app will start working for you.

  4. EasyBib

    Compiling a bibliography is a big problem each student sooner or later faces. It requires much time and efforts to complete this task. This app can be a solution: it acts as the most accurate citation generator. The app allows users to automatically create citations for a bibliography within several seconds. The citations are very accurate – they are checked by teachers and librarians. They can be exported to email if you need to send them to other students.

  5. Math Alarm

    This app is a must for every student who does not want to miss classes or be late for them. When the alarm sounds you cannot simply turn it off – you have to answer a math problem to make it work. You can set more than one alarm if you need. You can also choose a song from your music library that will wake you up. Besides, the app gives you an opportunity to fall asleep with your favorite music tracks.

The above mentioned apps can help students to become more successful, but they will not work without efforts from students and their desire to succeed in their studies.

July 1, 2016

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