Tobswen - AI chatbot to help you navigate the news stream

Tobswen - AI chatbot to help you navigate the news stream

In the era of Data Tsunami, one of the core tasks in NLP is the analysis and classification of data, including news streams. Using Intellexer technologies, our team has developed an AI chatbot that is a perfect companion for any user who wants to stay up-to-date with world tendencies. 

Meet Intellexer News Monitoring AI assistant Tobswen!

Tobswen is a chatbot, that serves you in finding news, hot topics, weather forecasts and much more. He is a part of the intellectual service Intellexer News Monitoring. The service analyzes more than 50K RSS of news articles every day to discover and deliver the top trending topics. 

What questions can you ask Tobswen?

Tobswen is capable of answering the following questions:

  • The latest news in general

Request Tobswen to provide you with the latest news on events around the world.

  • The latest news related to a specific domain

Let Tobswen know about the topics you are interested in. He will keep you updated with the latest news on the domain you are interested in: Economics, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Health, Law, Politics, Sports, Technology, Transport. 

  • The latest news in a particular country

Tobswen will share the latest news related specifically to the chosen country. Just include the name of the country in your query.

  • News about a particular person 

Add a person's name to the query and you’ll get all the latest news with their participation.

  • News about a certain subject 

Just enter a key phrase and our chatbot will also provide you with news about specific events and subjects 

  • Weather forecast 

Ask Tobswen if you need to take an umbrella or what the weather will be like at the weekend. 

Personality of Tobswen

Tobswen is able not only to provide you with the requested info but he also has his own personality and tastes. Feel free to have a small talk with him! 

How does it work?

Tobswen receives a natural language query from a user, and the preprocessing takes place. The system checks the punctuation and deals with anaphoric pronouns. Then it highlights key phrases in the query with the help of Intellexer API and Named Entities Recognizer to find the most suitable answer from the Intellexer News Monitoring database.
If Tobswen doesn’t know the answer, he will easily get away with it and provide you with a random interesting fact.

Chatbots have taken a solid position in a number of industries, whether it is Custom Support, Healthcare, or, in this case, News Monitoring. Developed by the Intellexer team, the AI-powered chatbot Tobsven will assist you in the news stream by providing precise and informative answers to your queries.

How can you contact us?

Feel free to contact us at

December 24, 2021

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