Intellexer News Monitoring — COVID-19 Updates

Now you can easily track COVID-19 news and  travel recommendations globally with the Intellexer news Monitoring feature — all in one place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people travel forever.

Just two years ago, you needed just a passport or a visa to get to another country. But as governments impose travel restrictions and introduce multiple travel documents, it's become clear that the world needs new, more resilient solutions — ones that could take us in a new era of travel faster and with less effort.

As the travel industry is on the way to recovery, we rolled out a special COVID-19 update of Intellexer. This includes a special COVID News map with all the information on restrictions, travel bans, and needed vaccines. Meet the new update.

What’s new?

  • Reworked “COVID-19 News” tab:
We’ve added the map that updates in real-time. The coronavirus model on the map serves as a marker that moves to where the latest COVID-19 news came from.

  • Now, you can filter news in line with the top five COVID-19 topics, which can be found in the histogram in the upper right corner (omicron, restrictions, pandemic, vaccination, travel). This filter is not a simple keyword search - it uses ontology to cluster news. 

  • Another important feature is an opportunity to filter news by country. Just click on the specific region and you’ll get the desired result.

  • Importantly, you can combine two filters: by country and by topic. This way, you’ll get a more specialized list of news.
  • One more innovation: when you click on a country, a tooltip pops up; it includes all the hyperlinks to resources where you can learn more about travel restrictions and documents required to enter a specific country.

Visit to test all the new features! 

How it works

 We use RSS feeds and process them with our Intellexer API. Our algorithm searches for the concepts and named entities we need, analyzes them and displays desired news to the user in the feed on the site, applying certain filters.

As for the travel recommendations tooltip, we can assure you that Intellexer team experts gather all the links and validate them personally. Everything is verified so that you can enjoy a quality product.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for next updates. We will try to make our product even better and add many useful features!

February 4, 2022

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