Intellexer Categorizer Windows 10 vs. Intellexer Categorizer Version 2: Key features and differences

Intellexer Categorizer 

Intellexer Categorizer is a set of programs belonging to the family of Intellexer solutions. It comprises two major desktop apps: Version 2 and Windows 10 Version. Categorizer basically defines the topic of a text (or a bunch of texts) using machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge linguistic technologies. 

 As a go-to tool for enterprise and business content management, social research, government workflow, and any other purposes involving lots of unstructured text, Intellexer Categorizer successfully solves the problem of information overload by sorting and categorizing documents. It can be used as a framework for creating systems like:

•  Business information management

•  Compiling thematic text corpora

•  Automated helpdesk systems

How it works

Intellexer Categorizer is a tool that automatically arranges documents by content, organizes them into pre-defined categories (sports, health, economics, etc.), and stores the results on your computer. Just choose the documents you want to categorize, upload — and get them instantly classified.

To determine which category a document belongs to, it’s compared to the reference document index; if it has passed a certain threshold, the doc is assigned to that category. You can also create your own category (“user-defined”) by downloading at least one reference document. This option is available in Version 2 of Intellexer Categorizer.

Let’s dive into the features of and differences between the two versions of Categorizer.

Version 2

Version 2 is the Intellexer Categorizer solution with a classic design and low system requirements. Once you open the app, you can make up a project with more than 50 pre-defined themes or you can create your own category. A user can add a maximum of 30 user-defined categories in one project. Your texts will be categorized according to those topics.

The distinctive feature of this version is that it can identify the text's correspondence to multiple categories (e.g. the text can match the topic of politics at 40%, economics – 30%, health ­ – 12%). You can adjust the relevance threshold and categorize documents manually if they haven’t reached the threshold indicator.

Version 2 is a time-tested solution that is more about functionality than just beautiful look-and-feel.

Windows 10 Version

Windows 10 version is the solution with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. It comprises more than 60 pre-defined categories and extracts concepts (or important terms) from categorized documents. Irrelevant topics can be unchecked and removed from categorization results. 

You can sort out concepts manually according to their relevance and by the number of occurrences. If you want to find a certain concept, click on "See in the text" to see sentences containing that term.

Importantly, you can customize the list of non-informative concepts to increase the accuracy of categorization of your texts, as well as remove all the excess that you think may distort the result.

Windows 10 version is the perfect combination of an appealing interface and useful functionality.

Bottom line

Both versions have their own perks for the business and personal needs of content and knowledge management. It’s up to you to decide what functionality and features are the best-fit for you.

Try Version 2 Categorizer here: 

Follow this link to get Categorizer for Windows 10:

More value awaits

Stay tuned to see how we evolve and work to improve our products. We still have something up our sleeve to surprise you!

March 17, 2022

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