Intellexer News Monitoring — COVID-19 Updates

Now you can keep track of COVID-19 news from around the world in one place — Intellexer News Monitoring new feature.

The year 2020 showed us the vital necessity to keep track of news from all over the world as it may concern our health state. Since WHO proclaimed the COVID-19 pandemic, we all want to know how the numbers of infected people are changing not only in our country but in our neighbors and places we prone to visit. Big number of news sources can be a problem — you can spend hours surfing the web before finding something relevant. But not with Intellexer News Monitoring.

Intellexer News Monitoring is an intellectual service by EffectiveSoft Ltd. that provides easily accessible analytics. News Monitoring analyzes more than 50K news articles every day to discover and deliver the top trending stories.

Using AI approaches, Intellexer News Monitoring extracts news about coronavirus and connected with its topics (COVID-19, pandemic, lockdown, travelling issues, vaccine, etc.). All the news are collected on the tab “Coronavirus News”.

Tab for Coronavirus News on Intellexer News Monitoring

You may check most discussed topics in the world that are connected with coronavirus. Intellexer News Monitoring understands synonyms, paraphrases, close topics, and uses them in its statistics.

Intellexer News Monitoring collects data from RSS-feeds. The news can be scrolled through by the headlines and their short descriptions. If you would like to read the whole news article, click on the news source title, and you will be redirected to the news webpage.

To narrow the search, type a country or/and a person’s name or/and location or/and organization name in the field “Find News about”. It is also possible to filter news by entities — click on an entity on the left.

Most discussed entities (topics) concerning coronavirus and search filters

The work of News Monitoring is based on Relevant Terms Extraction and Named Entities Recognition, subtasks of Natural Language Processing. The aims of named entity recognition are successfully achieved with the help of Intellexer Named Entity Recognizer which identifies not only different types of named entities but also relations between them. Intellexer Clusterizer extracts terms (concepts and noun phrases) from unstructured text information, detects semantic relations between them.

All of the mentioned tools are combined in Intellexer API that provides effective capabilities for the development of various semantics-based solutions. Intellexer Semantic Solutions allow implementing projects in automatic mode without the editorial work of experts, which significantly reduces costs for potential projects.

Visit Intellexer News Monitoring. It helps to track news about COVID-19 and to be aware of the situation in the world.

August 14, 2020

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